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8/20/04: The Turning Point

Local Talent
Random People Shots

The turning point in my people photography

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     August 20, 2004 was a turning point in how I looked at people photography. Up until that date I was mostly a landscape photographer. On that fateful Friday, I shot a co-worker and her new car. I had seen the car the previous weekend and had gotten some ideas for a few shots. Well, the ideas just kept comeing and I currently have a list as long as my arm of shots I want to do, so if anyone in NE Iowa is interested in posing, drop me a line. The session on 8/20/04 with Emily opened my eyes to the prospects of portrait photography. A lot of people like those shots, so I will be trying my at shooting people, seeing what I can do artistically with it. Meanwhile, here are some shots from that warm August Friday so long ago.




All photos copywrite Dereck Reiter, 2004.